Ann: ESBPCS v1.4.1 Trial Versions

ESB Consultancy is pleased to announce that ESBPCS v1.4.1 Trial Versions
and Demos now available.

Registration: $99USD for FULL SOURCE.

Come and talk with the main developer - Glenn Crouch - at Borcon
Australia - we will be at booth 4.

ESB Professional Computation Suite (ESBPCS) supplies over 3000
Routines/Methods and over 120 Components/Classes to make Data Entry and
Manipulation easier in Delphi 4 & 5 and C++ Builder 4 & 5.

What's New:

1. Data Aware Descriptive Statistics Component and a Demo (in the Data
Aware Demo) to show how easy it is to get Stats from any Numeric field
within a Data Source.
2. Data Aware Labels including a Date/Time Label with extensive
formatting and a URL Aware Label.
3. Data Aware Complex Edit - so now you can easily store and access your
Complex Numbers from your tables.
4. Data Aware Date/Time Edit - compound edit that allows access to both
Date & Time
5. Data Aware Country ComboBox - store country info in your tables.
6. Resource Strings are now used throughout - we are interested in
hearing from people who can make alternate language versions of this
7. Plus heaps of other changes, improved help, more demos, etc...

And what is ESBPCS? Well Features include:
- Enhanced Edit Controls that include Read Only Colour, Disabled Colour,
Focus Colour, Flat, plus much more.
- ComboBoxes that can respond when ItemIndex is changed
- Enhanced DbEdit Controls that stay aligned when Edited and give extra
control over formatting.
- Attachable Labels (includes the Data Aware ones).
- CalcEdits which support Currencies as well as floats.
- Hex Edits
- IP Address Edits
- SpinEdits for Integers, Floats, Day of Week, Months, Years - includes
Data Aware ones.
- ComboBoxes with Day of Week, Months, Time Zones, Currencies, Countries
- includes Data Aware ones.
- Heaps of Math and Stats Routines & Components.
- Heaps of Date, Time & Time Zone Routines & Components.
- Unit Conversion Routines & Components.
- Matrix & Vector Edits to allow easier manipulation of these types.
- Heaps of Financial Routines & Components.
- Plus String Routines, Shell Routines, Registry Routines, and much,
much more.

Great value at only $99USD and the collection is ever growing as we
respond to the suggestions of our users.

So grab a trial version and/or check out the Demos today :)

Glenn Crouch ICQ:36017076
ESB Consultancy,
Home of ESBPCS, ESBStats, ESBPDF Analysis & ESBCalc
Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia
(TeamND, TeamOE, {*word*60} Support, Management)