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Missing records after packing Paradox table

Windows 95
Database Desktop 7
Paradox 5 table

I've recently encountered a weird problem where records were not being
selected in a query unless I included an ORDER BY clause in the SQL. This
led me to believe that somehow my table was corrupt in such a subtle way
that the BDE could not detect it. I decided to pack the table to see if that
would make a difference, and lo and behold, the same records that were not
appearing in the query had been deleted from my table.

I ended up solving the problem by copying the table, emptying it and the
packing it to create a fresh copy. I then performed a SELECT on the corrupt
table including an ORDER BY to ensure that all records were selected, and
then added the result set to the new table. All records, except one were
added (now that's another problem).

Can anyone tell me what would cause this and how I can prevent it?


begin 666 Helge Bredow.vcf
M92!%;F=I;F5E<@T*0412.U=/4DLZ.S8Q(# X(#DS,38@,3(R,CL[5V5S="!0
M97)T: T*3$%"14P[5T]22SM%3D-/1$E.1SU154]4140M4%))3E1!0DQ%.C8Q
M(# X(#DS,38@,3(R,CTP1#TP05=E<W0@4&5R=&@-"E523#IH='1P.B\O=W=W
M+F)E86-O;BYC;VTN874-"D5-04E,.U!2148[24Y415).150Z:&5L9V5 8F5A


Re:Missing records after packing Paradox table

Possible causes include an operating system or application crash, a
hardware crash, bad network card or connector or other similar events.
If the tables are anywhere other than on a Novell network turn Local
Share on in the BDE Administrator to ensure that the BDE does not
cache writes.

You might also want to download the table repair utility from
Borland's Web site. It is in the BDE download area.


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