D4 and included Quick Report 3.0 bugs!

Well, as many bugs as were in Quick Reports 2.0x, get ready for
another round. The Detail Number for a QRSysData control is not
even functional now! Everytime this guy tries a new version, he
breaks something else!

I can't believe Inprise continues to includes this piece of junk with
Delphi. They really need to find a better report generator, or hire
someone who can do the coding.

QR2.0 had a lot of bugs, but moving to QR3.0 is introducing a
bunch of new ones. The help file is still 2.0, and mentions going
to his (I refuse to say "their" because i'ts still Allen struggling
trying to code this thing) web site. Of course, there aren't any other
versions, help files, news about when the newer version is available
for registered users, etc.