IBSERVER.EXE How do I stop it from loading

Dania Molina wrote:
> Hello Lyle,

> If you are referring to the Local InterBase Server, then you can
> Remove
> it from the Startup folder; Select the Start Menu Programs tab from
> the
> Task Bar Properties, then click on the Remove Button, and select the
> Local InterBase icon under the StartUp folder.  But if you are
> referring
> to the Remote InterBase server, you can change it to Manual Starup
> from
> your Services icon in the Control Panels folder.  Or you can even
> uninstall it if you are not using it and don't want it to be taking up

> space on your machine (it's a separate uninstall from Delphi's).

> Dania M.

> Lyle Mariam wrote:

> > I uninstalled D2 and yet ibserver.exe still tries to run on my NT
> 4.0
> > system. Where is it loaded? I've looked in all the startup folders,
> > autoexec.bat, win.ini, system.ini. I've even grepped for ibserver
> and
> > can't find it in my WinNt folder.

> > Can anyone tell me on a NT machine, what tries to start this program
> so
> > I can get rid of the error messages during boot.

> > Thanks,

> > Lyle Mariam, FlowSoft
> > LMar...@FlowSoft.com


  Well, if nothing is found in the Startup folders then the IBSERVER
  must occur in the RUN key in the Registry...(Delphi known bug in
  Windows 95/NT OS'es...