Having trouble with Delphi's ISP (FTP)...

I have been attempting for several days to get a sample program which
uses FTP to connect to and put/get files from a Dec VAX 7610. I'm using
the sample program that came on the Delphi CD, with slight modifications
to accomodate the way that files are listed on the VAX. I can connect
and authenticate and _put_ files, but once I try to _get_ them, I get an
"Exception EAceessViolation" error. By the way, I am running on a
Pentium Pro 200 with NT 4.0 workstation (using Delphi 2.01). What is
even more puzzling, is that when I step through the code using the [F8]
key, I can get AND put files just fine. The ftp log file on the VAX
verifies that the get and put are ok. Once I try to just run the program
from either the Delphi IDE or through explorer, the error occurs.

I have also copied the source files to a Win 95 machine (using Delphi
2.01 as well) and have seen the get and put also run fine by stepping
through it. Running the program from within the Delphi IDE or through
explorer, I can connect, authenticate, and _put_ files to the VAX, but
once I try to _get_ files,  I get a message stating that the program has
"performed an illegal operation and will be shut down." When I look at
the details, the message says that there has been a "stack fault" and
then the contents of a stack dump is listed.

I'm very interested in hearing from anyone who has been able to
successfully inplement the use of the FTP component - or from any one
who can help me figure this out!  Thanks...

Tracy Adams
Utah Valley State College
Computer Services Dept.
800 West 1200 South #130
Orem, Utah 84058