Turbo De{*word*81} 3.2

Does Delphi 2 have a de{*word*81} for BP7 programs?

I have switched to Windows 95 a few months ago. To debug
DOS programs under Windows 95 I use Turbo De{*word*81} v. 3.2 in a DOS
window. Now it happens very often that Windows 95 collapses or thinks
it is overloaded when I use TD 3.2, especially, but not exclusively,
when debugging programs that access system resources. (Besides that
TD 3.2 does not seem to recognise the Pentium CPU). When running
Win 95 in MSDOS mode, the behaviour is slightly better but far from
As the need for maintenance of Borland Pascal 7 programms running
under DOS will persist for quite a while, I need an appropriate tool
that behaves gently under Windows 95.

- Is there a version of TD that runs under Windows 95?
- Does Delphi 2 have a de{*word*81} that is capable of debugging
  Borland Pascal 7 programs?