sql-dmo, detect nulls with money and date values

I have imported the type library for sql server 6.5 into my app and it
works great except for certain methods.

The _QueryResults interface
( which is returned by an executeImmediate(sqlcmd) method )
has methods to retrieve the data within (e.g. GetColumnString).

GetColumnString( ColumnNumber ) will return a widestring.  But if the value in
the table is null and the column type is Money,
then it will return 0.00 instead of an empty string.

This also happens when the column type is a date and the value is null in
the table, it will return the date Jan 01 1900 12:00 AM.

This is very annoying since I have to program expections for this.

Can anyone please shed some light on this.

Thank you.

--M. Harry

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