Continuos Table Corruption

"Continuous" table corruption is a dead giveaway that something is
wrong.  Probably in the configuration.  Look at these:

(1)  Make sure EVERY computer is pointing to the same configuration ..
LOCAL SHARE = TRUE and the NET FILE DIR is set up consistently.  Also
the server computer if you run any BDE applications on that computer at
any time.

(2)  Make sure EVERY workstation is using a consistent and recent
version of Windows; version 95a is particularly buggy.

(3)  Look for possible network hardware errors.  A local LAN specialist
will have the proper tools to check for malfunctions and will not charge
much to do it.  (Can't do the test without tools.)

(4)  It is unlikely that a program fault is responsible.

(5)  The server logs might point out something that can coincide with
the problem.

We sell a lot of ChimneySweeps to a lot of people =but= any "chronic" or
consistently repeatable problem is a dead giveaway that something out of
the ordinary is happening.

>Mark wrote:

> Using Delphi4 and paradox tables for a standalone application. But we get
> continuos table corruption and have to use TUtil - table repair a lot, but
> client is getting disgruntled at this. Happens every 2 days. We have been
> building these type of apps for about 6 years and only had the odd table
> corruption. Is there any programming structures/tips to avoid/implement that
> are more prone to table corruption such as:

> 1.Leave all tables closed at startup only open when required for use.
> 2.Batchmoves? we use quite a bit.
> 3.Delete Queries
> 4.Update Queries

> The sort of data we are talking about is not huge, maximum 150,00 records.
> But ot all at once, e.g. a batchmove will move say 300 at a time, once a
> consignment has been signed off' etc...

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