Porting from TP for DOS 5.0 to TP for windows 1.5

I have source codes written under Borland Turbo Pascal for MS-DOS
version 5.0.

I need to make some minor changes, and then recompile them.  The
programs are designed to be MS-DOS compatible, so output is to the "crt"
window.  Unfortunately, it uses several functions that existed with the
MS-DOS version, but do not exist with the Windows version!
Specifically, Window (to limit writes to a subset of the crt window),
TextColor (changes text foreground color), TextBkgrnd, HighVideo,
LowVideo, and Delay.  I did experiments with SetSysColors, but it
changes the colors in all windows EXCEPT the crt contents!  I
experimented with SetTextColor and SetBkColor, but these only affect
TextOut procedures, not Write, Writeln, WriteBuf, etc., which the
sources use extensively.  I also tried writing ANSI codes, but ESC, and
other control characters are apparently ignored.  Does anyone know how
to port these?

TIA for any advice, suggestions, etc.