DB2 and Cached Updates

Ok working with about 10 query components and updatesql components.  I am
having a problem with first off using the CHAR(13) FOR BIT DATA field.
Appraently the updatesql component wasn't finished completely.  Does Delphi
4's work with TUpdateSQL component work with TByteFields?  I found out that
I can just make this CHAR(10) field and still use generate_unique().  This
seems to work ok, except when I save information the second time.  For
instance I will do a quote (insurance company) save it to generate a quote.
That all works fine.  The problem arises when I go to update the records.
For some reason the updatesql thinks that some records (in this case driver
records) need to be inserted.  So, of course, I get a key violation error
because I didn't assign a new unique record identifier.  Does anyone have
any ideas?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!

thank you