capture mouse during drag operation?

OK, I've got another odd one for you.

I am currently writing a process modeling application where components
representing processes are dragged to a modeling area and connected
graphically to represent a larger process.  Each graphical component
contains a PLUG and a SOCKET, used to connect components to one
another.  To make a connection, the user drags a plug to a matching
socket (many types of sockets and plugs exist, a given socket type can
accept one or more different plug types...)

I am currently using drag and drop to implement this connection
metaphor, and it is working just great  EXCEPT...

The user wants to see a {*word*221}-band line drawn during the drag
operation to indicate that a connection is being made.

The problem is this: I am unable to capture the mouse during a drag
operation as the TDrag component performs a capture during the drag
and drop.

I have tried responding to the cmDrag message, but was dissapointed to
find that the message is only fired when the cursor is over my
component. :(

I can s{*word*99} drag and drop support and code my own accept/reject logic
for allowing connections, but really don't want to go there!

Looking for an elegant solution here...Any suggestions?

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