Taskbar problem with StayOnTop forms

    Has anyone else had problems with the taskbar failing to unhide itself
when using forms with formstyle set to fsStayOnTop?

My application uses multiple forms docked into panels on the main form, but
the user can also drag forms out of their panels and leave them free
floating. To make sure they don't disappear I set their formstyle to

When I launch a modal dialog from such a free floating window, and the
dialog is closed, the taskbar seems to be unable to unhide itself. (it is
set to autohide and stay on top). What appears to happen is that the main
form , which is maximised, prevents the mouse movement from being visible to
the unhiding code in NT. If I restore the main form (un-maximise) so that
the task bar area is not covered by my app then the unhide starts working
again. An interesting clue perhaps is that if my app's main form is covering
part of the task bar area then the taskbar pops up behind it.

By experimenting I've found that if the free floating form is not set to
StayOnTop then the problem goes away, although it wouldn't surprise me to
find other situations where the same thing happens.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what I might try, or can explain why
this behaviour might occur I'd be very grateful.