Looking for records with repeated data

The situation you are describing has been an old routine commonly used for merge aand purge in mailing lists.  The old proven method was to sort the table on the field you are trying to compare.  In Pdox that would mean creating a secondary key.  You read the first record.  You save the compare field value in a variable.  You read the next record.  You compare the values of the of the compare field and the variable.  If they equal you mark the record.  If they don't you change the variable value.  Read the next record and so on.  I hope this helps.

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    About the Locate Method
    I have been using the LOCATE method to find out records in my DB tables. All is OK when I use it with Customer_Number key field (it has just one instanace), but others like First_Name or Last_Name can have repeated values in my long Customer.DB table. Although, I only can get the first of them. To sum it up, I want to create a searching routine loop usefull to keep in an ARRAY as many as repeated data I could find in the chosen FIELD. Finally, what is a practical way to show these selected data to pick up the record I really want to see.
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