I am using Delphi 3, under Windows NT 4, and connecting to an
Rdb (ex DEC) database using Oracles ODBC driver for Rdb.

I can access tables using the TTable no problem.  However, as
soon as I try to run a query I get:-

Key Violation
[Oracle][ODBC][Rdb]%SQL-F-SYNTAX_ERR, Syntax Violation.

If I check the details box, I get a server error of -1

This problem occurs if I try to make my query active at
run-time, or even if I go into fields editor for the query at
design time.

The sql statement is the most basic of statements i.e.

select * from study_nos where study_no = :StudyNumber

I have set the params property ok.

Does anybody have an idea why queries do not appear to work
using the ODBC driver for Rdb.

Many thanks in advance.