Problems with Oracle ODBC driver for Rdb

Hi there,

I am trying to connect to an Rdb database with Delphi 3 through ODBC,
but I'm encountering some problems...

It seems like the BDE doesn't handle correctly the master/detail
relationship when connected to RDB database tables with the ODBC driver
for RDB (sqrdb32.dll and RDB version 6).

  I've got a form with two DBGrids attached to two TTables. the TTables
are linked into a master/detail relationship. When I run the program,
the first time I reach the last master table record and try to click
on my DBNavigator next button, I get a "function sequence error",
instead of the next button being disabled! It seems like the BDE is
trying to fetch records from the detail table and then closes the
current transaction. After that, the BDE tries to close the cursor
table of the master table (since it reached the last record) and
that fires an SQL error -501 (cursor not opened). That behavior only
happens the first time you try to go past the last master table record!

  Does anyone know about this problem ? Thanks for your help...

  I would appreciate if you knew about other problems related to the
use of Oracle ODBC driver for RDB with Delphi 3 and let me know.
One of it is when handling Blob fields (declared as Varchar(nnn) in