MS Access Counter fields and Insert (not DbGrid).

I am getting a BDE error: "Record/Key Deleted..." when I try to post a
new record to an Access table whose key is a counter. I assume the BDE is not
aware of the key value automatically generated by Access.

Yes, I am using ODBC version 2.0.

The key value is displayed in a DBEdit control on a form. Aside from the
problem itself, the worst thing about this is that the records actually end up
in the Access table, even when I Cancel. And the Delphi side doesn't know the
records exist, e.g., the DBNavigator control doesn't activate when it should in
browse mode.

I can emulate a counter on the Delphi side and forego the Access counter, but,
is there something you can tell me about making this work 'naturally.'

Regards and thanks.                      ...edn