SQL Links problem with MS SQL Server

I have been handed over a program that connects to MS SQL server via SQL

The setup is as follows :

One TTable, TDataSource and DBGrid connected to a "mastertable" and one
TTable and TDataSource connected to a "selectiontable". The
"selectiontable" is used as the LookupSource for a DBLookupCombo which
is again connected to a field in the "mastertable".

This all works fine until you try to change a value in the
DBLookupCombo. Then the system completely hangs and a reboot is

The question is why ???

My own answer would be: Don't use TTables, use TQueryes, but I don't
want to go thru the trubble if it isn't nessesary. :-)))


Lars Soendergaard

 * 1st 2.00d #6070 *