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D2: error: Function needs result type ??? It HAS !

No, I'm not a newbie. I'm just trying to convert a filetype to RTF, using the
RegisterConversionFormat-method of RichEdit.

To actually convert it you must override the old ReadFromStream-function, like:

function THTMLConversionClass.ConvertReadStream(Stream: TStream;
         Buffer: PChar; BufSize: Integer): Integer;     override;

But, WHY does the compiler give me an error-message "Function needs result
type" ??? As you see, it has result-type Integer. Worse is, I copied this line
straight from the Hel(l)p-files. Can anybody tell me what's going on here ?
Please ?

BTW Does anybody have experience using RegisterConversionClass ? I'm sure
it's not all that clear to me anyway.

Alban Hertroys
The Netherlands
...I'll make no subscription to your paradise. (Crass / Stations of the cross)


Re:D2: error: Function needs result type ??? It HAS !

Oh, sorry, found it already...

But help with Registering new conversionclasses will be appreciated, though.

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