photoshop5 ole automation

If Deborah Pate is watching I wish to thank you for your work on this
subject at your website. However as I am new to Delphi5 Enterprise I was
wondering if you could send
me some projects which automate photoshop 5 so that I could nut out the

I was intending to import a file (jpeg file) paste it onto another jpeg
file (standard or common background file) then save these project files
with individual new filenames if possible or if easier to export and
save as either giff or jpeg files with new individual file names if this
is easier.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have tried using macroexpress for windows with photoshop but it is
very buggy.

I am currently importing by copying to clipboard from Lview pro and then
pasting into new project file in photoshop.

kindet regards

Richard Caruana