AutoInc field in Paradox tables

I am having a little trouble getting an AutoInc field for my primary
index in Paradox. What I am doing is to create a new table using the
definition of the original. Code is derivative of what is in the manuals.
Once I have created this table, I use SQL to extract the records that
need to be moved into the new table. When I do this the AutoInc field
becomes an Integer?
What would be best is to create a table using the definition of the
original. Then use SQL to isolate the records to be kept. Then move the
records into the table. I used Move and it doesn't seem to work. I can
use the Database Desktop to change the field to AutoInc. But, this is not
a step for a standalone program. One other thing is to attempt to keep
the current ID's created in the AutoInc field.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.