Printing and Backing-up data

I just joined the group. I have 2 questions;

1. Printing from my program:
When trying to get my program to print on a specific location on a sheet I
first tried using spaces but because variable data are printed before the
spaces and different letters have different sizes, it didn't work. I then
tried the "Printer.Canvas.Textout" command and it works well but only for
the specific printer I experimented with. When I print to a different
printer, it prints larger or smaller spaces, causing the words to be printed
at the wrong positions on the paper. Is there another solution?

2. Running backup from my program:
I wrote a program which uses databases and would like to include the option
to backup the data from my own program, i.e.when you click on a button
called Backup, the MS Backup executes.

Please help

Regards Kevin