Dynamic change to field size

Hi All,

We are new to Delphi and use Delphi 3, Paradox Tables, Table Objects and
Field Objects.  We had the experience recently of someone changing the field
size of an address field in the Paradox table (from 25 to 35).  When the
program came to accesses this table we got an "incorrect type" error.  The
only way we have found to fix it is to change the size of the field in the
Field Object and re-compile!

Surely in the wonderful "new" dynamic world of Windows anyone should be able
to change the size of a field and my application should "adjust" itself
(read the field size from the database) and just carry on running?  Are we
missing sommething?  Is there a way we can tell the table/field objects to
"refresh" dynamically?  Surely anyone who has Paradox (or the Database
Desktop) will be able to change the database structure and this should not
cause our application to fail?

Even in the good old dBase days and Clipper applications there was no
problem if someone changed the size of a field, as long as the name and type
remained the same the application continued to function.  Also MS Access
database and VB have no problem with a change in field size, why can Delphi
not handle this, or are we missing something?

Any help will be appreciated.

Tony Robson