We've been having this problem connection MS SQL Server 2k to an OLE server
we wrote and I figured someone in here may be able to help.

 The SQL server always creates a new running copy of the OLE Server which
has no visible interface, even if another one is already running. This is
under windows XP.

The SQL server is running as SYSTEM of course, so we changed the service
properties to allow it to 'interact with desktop' and to make it run as the
same username we use but still no dice.

Does anyone have any clue as to why this is happening?
We are considering converting the OLE server app into a service itself but
that would not guarantee the problem would go away and, to be honest, it's
not a real solution but a workaround.

Any help appreciated, gurus. I got the SQL code here for anyone who wants to
see it.


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