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Invalid Pointer Operation in DLL

I'm writing a DLL that has developed a really wierd problem.  It has a
function where I read an encrypted string from a previously stored ini file,
and export the decrypted string to a calling applicaiton.  It WILL extract
the string and return the string to the calling program just fine.  In doing
so, however, it generates an error that says "Invalid Pointer Operation".

 In searching for a solution ,as the same code will work fine if placed in
the application itself,  I inserted a "Showmessage" statement at the point
where it was crashing to let me know when it was getting to thepoint of the
error.  Viola, it now returns the string without an error.  The only
difference is the insertion of the message statement???

Obviously I can't leave it in there however.  I realize that without the
code this is difficult to answer, but I was wondering if anyone else had a
similar situation crop in the past, or this may ring a bell with anyone.



Re:Invalid Pointer Operation in DLL

The only thing I can think of here is that you are missing SHAREMEM in the
uses clause of your project.
By the way, if you are, you will also need to deploy BORLNDMM.DLL with your
application, though it is
only 18,900 bytes or so in size.

Hope this helps,

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