ide is deleting .tds files

this is a cross-post. i posted the same message 4-5 days ago to the ide
ng but did not get a response. sorry for the inconvenience.



i was working happily, just before changing the "reigster variables"
setting from "automatic" to "none". seems unrelated and should be
unrelated but from then on the ide kept deleting temporary files,
including the "tds" files. my porject has one exe node and multiple dll
nodes (all win32). under these circumstances, i cant debug my
application... i checked with windows explorer to see the files getting
created (*.il? and *.tds) files and getting deleted. the deletion occurs

when the ide starts compiling a new project target node, all the
previous temporary files are deleted. i tried re-creating the project
and restarting the computer. non of these worked. i also checked
debugging options, all seemed ok, since i did not mess with them. any
ideas? thanks in advance.

ps: compiler is bc 5.02