Need BDE help: unable to change config settings

Hi all,
I need some serious help here.  I have developed a Delphi 2/Oracle 7.3 app
and used InstallShield to prepare an installation package.  I installed the
app on a user's workstation.  This user already had BDE stuff residing on
his machine for a previously installed Delphi/Sybase app.  When I attemped
to modify the idapi32.cfg file through the BDE configuration utility, I was
unable to make any changes to the drivers or aliases.  Any parameter I
keyed in "disappeared" after the cursor was moved to the next parameter.
What's going on?  How do I add an alias for the Oracle app and change the
settings in the Oracle driver?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Respond to the addy below.  Thanks.

Kathy Xykis
West Group - premier legal publisher