ReportSmith: Need help QUICK (please)

We have to deliver alot of reports to the user on Tuesday. Most of them are
done. But, we now find out about this:

We developed the reports using 1024 X 768 SF video drivers and the users are
using 800 X 600 SF video drivers. Our reports on screen look fine and print
fine.  Their reports look awful on the screen but print okay. Actually, 'look
awful' means that their fonts look all mixed up and some of the data fields
are boxes instead of characters.

We can re-create the problem by changing our video driver to the same as
theirs. And to fix it, (you guessed it) we change it back.

We don't want them to be forced to change their system settings. And
ReportSmith is so fun...  we don't !! want !! to !! re-write !! all !! the !!

Has anyone delt with this before?
OR, have any ideas.

Thank-you for any help in advance.

Calvin Pert
University of New Brunswick