JOB: Austin, TX - $30-35 / hour

We are looking for a contract programmer to develop C/S and LAN
applications in Delphi.

6 months minimum developing Delphi applications. 3+ years experience
in developing multi-user databases (C/S or LAN). Additional experience
in FoxPro, C++, or Pascal is a plus. A demonstrated history of
self-directed projects and/or project leadership is a HUGE PLUS.

Rate is negotiable ($30+/hr - we are looking for experience and
talented programmers); work is on a W2 basis.

The expected _MINIMUM_ duration of the contract is 6 months; however
there's so much work to do, the contract may last much longer.

The work environment is RAD-oriented; experience and creativity is
crucial. You will be working in a team of experienced programmers and
directly with end-users, data analysts and departmental directors;
self-direction and a can-do attitude is a must. Some telecommuting

Reply to:
Lee Rodgers
W: 512.433.2437
Fax: 512.433.2401
CompuServe: 73144,2276

Please, no recruiters. If using e-mail or fax, please send your resume
& a sample of your best source code.
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