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Paradox : Capability not suppoerted ...

Hi group

I'm using BDE and Paradox 5.0, and I keep having problems with the format of
SELECT statements.

It seems that the order of the tables mentioned in the FROM part matters.
For a particular query I get no results, but when I change the order of
tables in the FROM part, I do get results.

Also, the order of the conditions in the WHERE part matters. Sometimes I get
the error message "Capability not supported". With an other ordering of the
same conditions (separated by AND), it works and I get the results that I

I've tried to figure out the pattern behind this but I cant. Can you help? I
get the same problems using Delphi 1 as when using Delphi 5.

Any help or hint ?
Jacob Havkrog


Re:Paradox : Capability not suppoerted ...

How about an example?


John Bester

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