dBase III ndx indexes

I'm building a 16-bit (Delphi) fromt end to an existing DB using dbase
III files (dbf and ndx).  In order to maintain backward compatibility
to the dos version, I need to use and/or keep up the index ndx files.
BDE does not work with the ndx's.  I've checked Appollo, and they
don't either.  I was directed to CodeBase 6.0 by Sequiter Software,
but their website is down, and I'm advised that CodeBase does not
recognize the Delphi data aware components and requires everything to
be recoded.

Anyone know of a good way to deal with ndx files or have any other

Please reply e-mail; though you may want to post as well, as I think
this issue is rather wide-spread.  (either that or the answer is
widely known and I've just missed it)

Thanks.   Mark.