Installshield Express PROBLEMS HELP

Hi Im using Delphi 4 Professional with Windows98
and Installshield 2.11
When I try to Build the system can't find? SQLSYB32.DLL
What is this file and where do I find it??
I can't proceed with out this file
Please help


ON the General Options Tab
Under? "Specify Installshield Objects for Delphi 4"
When I check
"Standard VCL Packages"
"Database Component Packages"
and click OK
Thes two UN CHECK themselves...........
I reopen The General Options Tab and They are unchecked.

Also:??? The Help button on this Tab DOES NOT WORK!
Also:   ?? Pressing F1 on this tabe Does Not Work!
Also:???? Installshield WEB SITE is Presently Down!

Thanks in advance for any help..
Best Wishes