Deploying ActiveForms Help!

I am having terrible trouble getting my active form to display on any
browser but the one on which I developed the form.
The browser askes me if I wish to install and run the *.inf then the
Activeform.ocx.  I click yes to both of these  but all I get is a space
where the control  with a box with a triangle square and circle in it.
At this point I then check the registry and the control is in there in
HKEy_classes_ root.  I can also see its presence in the windows/downloaded
program files.  However I can't find the OCX on the computer.  Even if I
download the ocx as a file and put it manually in the windows\system the
page still refuses to display my control.

Has any one any ideas whwer I may be going wrong??

Rob Reid BBC Belfast
Any views are my own and not that of the BBC. Honest!