Post data using Indy client to Indy server

I want to build a webserver (stand alone not cgi) that the only thing
that will communicate with it is another one of my applications so I
started to play with the demo http web server that is part of the INDY
demos's and then I also played with the client part of it. I am using
delphi 6

I set up some data as part of the client demo, set the method to post
but the server always seems to see it as a GET. It never seems to fire
the ONOTHERCOMMAND event at all which is where I thought I would have
to work with it.

What I need to do is post a STRING form an application to the server
and return a web page built on the fly depending on that string. Thats
it. IS there a problem I do not know about?

Regards, Peter.