Oracle for mainframe - all number types (bcd) are returning zeroes

We have just upgraded to delphi6 and are ready to lay the bde to rest.
However, we are running Oracle on the mainframe(os390). The version is All works fine with bde/ado/odbc but we want to use dbexpress.

The problem is that selecting a number type column in a select stmt will
always return zero. Setting parameters using asinteger will always set
the param to 0.

Trying the same dbexpress application on oracle running on an NT server
returns the correct values.

On the mainframe if I change my select stmt to include to_char around
the number column works great.

select fdescription,ftypeid,displayorder,to_char(displayorder)
from ftypes order by displayorder

also the corelabs driver(DbxOda) works fine. But we want it to work
without 3rd party libs.

Please help. We want to use dbexpress but we cant right now.

Jay Leiser