BC 5.02 calls VC 6.0 DLL, can't link 2 DLL's

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     I have a BC application which calls 2 VC DLL's.

    Before I added S.DLL, it compiles and runs fine, with M.DLL,
and the functions "Ai" and "Aq" exported from M.DLL.
I don't have M.LIB in my project.

    Now, I have
a ".DEF" file as follows (simplified) and I don't have the
"IMPLIB" libraries listed in my project. My DLL's are in the
current directory.

 Ai=M._Ai@16 -> import function "Ai" refers to export "_Ai@16" in M.DLL

    The first time I tried to link, it says it cannot find
the externals "St" and "Gsr" ("unresolved externed 'St' referenced
from X.OBJ").

    I putted the "IMPLIB"-generated ".LIB" in my project, and
recompiled everything, it says it cannot find the externals
"Ai" and "Aq". In any case, it cannot find all my export functions.

    Please respond only to the newsgroup you think suitable. Thanks.

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