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Refresh problems with ADO 2.6 (D5) under Win2000


I'm working on a application developed with Delphi5 and I'm using ADOExpress
as database engine. D5 and ADOExpress are updated with UpdatePack 2.

It's a common pratice, in this application, user inserting data by forms.
These forms apply ADO's Refresh method in order to update autoincremented
fields. These fields are used for allowing user enter another data, obeying
database integrity constraints.

All works Ok since I tested on a Win2000 machine. It seems ADO's Refresh
doesn't do anything under this OS. The application was tested under Win98
and WinNT4 successfully.

Has anyone seen it? Is there any workaround?

Thanks a lot,


Re:Refresh problems with ADO 2.6 (D5) under Win2000

Refresh doe'snt work good with ADO you must use Resync or Requery inster


       David  B.E 

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