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SQL tutorial

Does anybody here know where can I find (at the web) some document or
tutorial  about the right syntax for SQL statements and functions
accepted by Delphi?
It took me a lot to discover that Delphi uses, for instance,
substring(string for 5 for 2) instead of substr(string,5,2).

Re:SQL tutorial


any good book on D4Prof & SQL?


Bill Todd (TeamB) schrieb:


> See the Local SQL help file in your BDE directory.

Re:SQL tutorial

There are no books that I know of that provide detailed treatments of both
Delphi and SQL.  There are a lot of good Delphi books.  Delphi Developer's
Guide by Xavier Pacheco and Steve Teixeira and Mastering Delphi 4 by Marco
Cantu are both very popular.


Bill Todd
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