Rave Report - Invalid Method Call

2004-03-06 03:16:00 AM
I have a Delphi 7 app which uses Rave reports- which are new to me. I have
some code-based reports that work correctly.
I copied the reporting code as is from one existing form to a new one.
When running the new form in the app (pre-view mode), I get the error
"Project ... raised exception class EReportPrinter with message 'Invalid
method call. ReportPrinter is not printing'.
The line that causes the error is #6 (the very same code works fine in
another form, same application):
1 With Sender as TBaseReport do
2 begin
3 NewLine;
4 SetFont ('Arial', 12);
5 Bold := True;
6 PrintCenter(Client_Name,4); (clientName is a string)
I can not seem to be able to find information anywhere about this...
Any suggestions?
JR Nicolet