2003-08-11 11:53:10 PM
i try to do a query with params but it don't work
i tested in local but it don't work
i have a ibdataset (ibdVehicule)
it selectsql property is:
select * from TVEHICULE
where ANNEE = :ANNEE
a datasource (dsVehicule) and a datasetprovider (dspVehicule) is linked
to it...
i have another datasource (dscVehicule)
and a clientdataset (cdsVehicule)
the clientdataset is linked to: dspVehicule
the do a fetch param for the clientdataset
i try to search a record
i puted 2 edit box linked to clientdataset
when i do my search i do
cdsVehicule.Active := False;
cdsVehicule.Params[0].AsInteger := strtoint(Edit2.Text);
i tried whith the value 2002
nothing is returned to the editbox...
with sqlmonitor, i can see the value 2002
if i link the 2 edit box to the ibdatset, i get the record with the
value 2002...
why i don't work if the 2 edit box are linked with the clientdataset?
i have a litle program to see the problem, if you want
Borland rulez