The Amount Of Text Being Shown - Quick Reports

2005-07-29 11:00:44 PM
Using the Quick Reports that comes with Delphi 7, is there a way to
determine at runtime if the text being shown in a given field is not all
the text being returned from the database? For example: We have a
report that is a 1-page permit (the query always returns exactly one
record). One of the fields is a "comments" field. 90% of the time, the
comment in the database will fit into the size of the field on the
report. But for the more rare cases, we'd like to append a second page
(using a composite report, no problem there) for just that field.
Appending the second report is easy, but how do I determine in the code
if the text is being cut off to warrant the second page? Initially I
had thought of just counting the characters in the string, but that
doesn't account for carriage returns or non-fixed-width fonts.
Any ideas?
David P. Donahue