IBX 9.09 in Delphi 2005 - problem with Command Text Editor

2006-06-07 10:43:01 PM
Hello, All!
There is a problem with Command Text Editor
that is bein called by right mouse click
at IBDataSet component (Edit SQL) -
when InterBase database is in dialect 3,
dialog does not show field list when
table is selected (from "Tables" list).
This was working in IBX 7.08 in Delphi 7.
And, this is working in Delphi 2006 (IBX 10.10),
but field list appears sorted by field name,
which I think wrong, it must be in table field order.
Is there any updates for IBX 9.09 that fixing this
problem with CommandText Editor Dialog?
Dmitri Kouzmenko, www.ibanalyst.com