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Delphi 6 Paradox DB files and TQuery

2006-08-15 08:38:10 PM
Does anyone know if there is a limit on the number of Paradox DB files i can
use in a Tquery.
I have hundreds paradox db's and they are all excatly the same file
structure, I currently use the "Union" to buld up my SQL statment in a
tquery to access all the different DB files and order them by a field.
Is there a limit? is this the best way of doing this?
Any comments greatfully appreciated.

Re:Delphi 6 Paradox DB files and TQuery

There is almost certainly a limit on the size of a SQL statement but I
have no idea what it is. I have never seen it published that I can
The best solution would have been to use a single table in the first
place. The only other solution is to create a temporary table with the
same structure, add the contents of all of the tables to the temp table
and query that.
Bill Todd (TeamB)