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D2006 + DBX + Firebird2.0 + Unicode

2007-07-18 03:45:41 PM
Hi All,
I could not set the dbExpress driver to use the Unicode.
I tried to use "ServerCharset" option set with UTF8, but it dsn't work.
It looks like TSimpleDataSet convert WideString to String and lost
Unicode characters.
I am using:
TNT unicode components,
TSQLConnection with options:
LibraryName = 'dbxint30.dll'
VendorLib = 'fbclient.dll'
Any idea?
Thanks a lot

Re:D2006 + DBX + Firebird2.0 + Unicode

The dbExpress driver for InterBase doesn't support Firebird. Is there
a good reason why you believe this /should/ work?
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