rebuilding cmplib32.dcl in 2.01

In version 2.0 I had a problem with the 'grid index out of range' in grids.pas.
The common solution was to change a routine and rebuild cmplib32.  All worked
fine and dandy.  I have since installed 2.01, which corrected the problem.  Now I
get the message "can't find c:\xx\grids.pas" when I try to debug a module using
grids stuff.  I've deleted any refs to grids in the library build list, deleted
the cmplib32.dcl and replaced it with the original fro the CD.  All to no avail.
The de{*word*81} still wants the source code on the disk.  How do I correct this ??
It's fairly minor, but VERY annoying, since it gets me a STOP dialog.....


Gerry Kaslowski
Fountain Valley, CA