Urgent help needed on ReportSmith

Hi everyone,

I have to question, I am sure they are not too difficult but my Delhi
knowledge by now doesn't answer them. I will appreciate any help.

1) I am trying to run a report from my application. What I did is:
        - put Treport object named OrdersReport on form.
        - define report name C:\report\orders.rpt
        - on a button click OrdersReport.run
   When I run the application, and click on button, ReportSmith loads but
   doesn't run my report.       Instead it waits for me to open the report.
   Since I need to pass some variables to report I can't survive with that.
   Does anyone knows the problem or what I am doing wrong?

2) My report has following detail section.

  Line Number   Part Number      Other Info
  -----------   -------------    -----------
   1            Part number 1    other info 1
   2            part number 2    other info 2
   ...           ...              ...

   All fields come from a table except Line Number.
   I like to put line number in it.
   Such as if I have 5 records in the table, first record will have
   line # 1, second will have 2, and so on. How can I assign line number to
   records I retrieve from database?

Again I will appreciate any input.


Sibel Demirbas