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QR:description wrapping problem

In the detail page, I have item and item description fields and when the
middle of description reachs the bottom of page, the rest of the
description gets printed on the next page.
How do you move the whole description of an item to the next page
instead of printing half on a page and the rest on the next page?

Thanks in advance.


Re:QR:description wrapping problem

I find the best way to do this is in the onbeforeprint event of the
band. This assumes that you know that your descriptions will always fit
in say 3 lines.

Try something like

if quickrep1.currenty>2500 then quickrep1.newpage;

Adjust 2500 to suit the font you are using and the height of page footer
band if any.

I assume you are using qr2.0x


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