Delphi and dBase BUG!!!

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Hi everyone!

I use Delphi 2.0. Because most other software we use is based on dBase
files, I need to base my Delphi software on dBase files too.

I've found these BUG's:
1. Certain DBF files with many (+-50) fields cannot be used in a TQuery.
2. There are often problems with numeric fields. If I read a DBF file
into DBGrid then the numeric fields contents don't show up always. Take
for example the DBF table i've attached to this message (look at field
RSPID). Also copying a structure wherein a numeric field exists
sometimes becomes a float field in the destination file. This all sux
big time!

I use dBase IV files.
I've never had these problems in Clipper 5.1 or Visual dBase 5.5 or
dBase IV.

Are there any experts who can help me out or confirm these bugs?

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