Best SuperVGA/Mouse/Keyboard/Message handling bundle

Borland Pascal 7.0

EIOS - Extended Input/Output System - allows you to finally forget all
those mouse interrupts, keyboard handlers and other SVGA routines - finally
its all bundled together to work collectively. Built-in support for fonts,
mouse cursors and messaging (useful for OOP (Object Oriented Programming)).
Here are some of this powerful unit's features:


The mouse in EIOS lets you change cursors (Built-in cursors include two
standard cursors (Black or White)
and a Wait cursor. EIOS also notifies you of Mouse Clicks, Mouse Releases,
Mouse Double-Clicks and Mouse Movements. New feature is the MouseAuto
feature - when the mouse is kept pressed, EIOS sends a MouseAuto message
every 18.2 milliseconds. Built-in mouse drawing on screen and a built-in
mechanism for Show/Hide functions.


EIOS keeps track of keyboard presses and notifies you whenever the user
presses a key, ALT, or CTRL.
Also the state of the keyboard is provided within each message (Keyboard
state shows whether INS is on, SCROLLLOCK is on, NUMLOCK is on, or INS is
pressed, etc).


EIOS has FAST! screen writes - even in SuperVGA! Use several writing mode -
from XOR, AND, OR or MOV, let your program create various effects. Create
upto 254 virtual screens in EMS memory for later use. ALL graphics
functions such as LINE, RECTANGLE, BAR etc work either directly on screen
or on the EMS. EIOS lets you also to QUICKLY dump the EMS image onto the
screen - prevent flashing and other hazards. Dozens of routines let you
manipulate and control of how your application will look.
New! Fonts are now available. Create your fonts (provided is only the
MS-SansSerif font) and use them.

Error checking:

EIOS lets you track down errors in your program by making each EIOS routine
(except graphics routines which must be quick) return an error value so
that your program will know what went wrong.

Specialized initializations:

Don't make your program use the mouse if you don't need it! Initialize only
what you want - initialize either keyboard, mouse, or both!

If you want this powerful unit, just ask!
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(For those who might have a doubt - NO! I do NOT charge money! DOU!?)