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TIBQuery's SQL is case sensitive

I was going crazy trying to get a TIBQuery to run.  Every time I tried
the Open command, I got "Dynamic SQL Error SQL error code = -206 Column
unknown".  The SQL.Text of the TIBQuery was "select * from getmaintrecs
(:tdate, :tkey, :instid, :uid)", where getmaintrecs is a stored
procedure on my Interbase database.  Running the exact same query in a
TQuery ran without a hitch.  More confusing, the exact same query in
Interbase ISQL (using actual values in the parameter list) ran without
a hitch.  By "exact same query", I mean "getmaintrecs" in lower case.
I finally tried putting it in uppercase, GETMAINTRECS, and it worked.
This might seem obvious in hindsight, but because lower case worked
just fine in both the other two environments, it never occurred to me.
Anyway, maybe this will help someone else who's having a similar
Finally, this seems like a bug to me... what do you folks think?

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Re:TIBQuery's SQL is case sensitive

I'm with you on that one, seems like a bug to me too.

definition of a bug:  something you have to write even MORE code to get
around 'cos it should have done it the way you wanted in the first

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