Problems with Date/Time format

I use a TDBgrid component (Delphi 2.0) with a Date/Time column from a
Local Interbase Database.
I want the Date format input to be DDMMMYY HHNN (Ex.: 10Sep97 1520).
I tried the following solutions:
    1. I set the Display format of the column to DDMMMYY HHNN.
        The  following Date/time format variables where initialized as
described :
          ShortDateFormat := 'DDMMMYY'

          -> The date is correctly display, but when I enter a date in the
column (Ex. 10Sep97 1520) a convert error occured. The only way to go
through is to enter the
date in the format : 10/09/97 15:20.

    2. I changed the windows 95 Date/Time parameters to :
          Short date format : DDMMMYY
          Time Format        : HHNN

          -> I still got the problem: There is no way to enter a date
using another format than 'DD/MM/YY' or 'MM/DD/YY'.

If anyone can help me to go further.